Baby Girl Embraced Her Twin Sister Who Was Dying: What Followed Shocked The Whole World and Forever Changed Medicine (VIDEO)

After a few weeks, although she was stronger baby, she began to have attacks and crying so hard that she couldn’t breath.

The twins Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born 12 weeks before their due date, weighed less than two pounds, are not sufficiently developed, and doctors suspected that would not be able to survive.

When they put them in separate incubators, Brielle’s condition improved, but the medical staff was not optimistic that she would survive.

After several weeks, she began to have attacks and she was crying so hard that that she couldn’t breath, and became blue.

The nurse, Gail was doing everything she could, but she could’ help the babies.

Suddenly she got the idea that changed the entire course of medicine – she put her Brielle beside her sister.

Although it was against hospital rules, Gail was trying to save the babies lives in all ways, even it would lost her job.

And then something amazing happened!

Brielle suddenly calmed down and put her hand on her sister, and then the miracle happened.

Kyrie’s condition stabilized and was gaining weight every day.

The twins were successfully recovered and now they are healthy twenty years old girls.


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