She Lost Weight Without Diet!!! This Is How She Did It!!!

Marian Power form Great Britain has never really understood how celebrities love eating kale.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce or Gwyneth Paltrow are fans of kale and it is often a part of their daily menu.

Marian has decided to try some of the recipes and she wanted to find out how would kale influence on her body over a period of one week.


She did not expect to lose weight but she was pleasantly surprised by its effects.

Not only that it is incredibly healthy but it is also very cheap, so this challenge was welcomed by her. For seven days she has eaten only food that is rich with kale and afterwards she realized that she lost nearly 4 pounds and her face looked fresh and clean.  She has also found out that kale is a product for several uses so she made different meals out of it every day. She even managed to make a cake out of kale.

First Day

The main ingredient of every diet or nutrition based on kale is the famous green juice. She decided to start the day with a mix of greenish plants and fruit. She put five leaves of kale, an apple, lemon juice, a cup of shredded ginger and three leaves of mint into a blender. In all of that she added a bit water and almond oil.

At first she was delighted by the drink but later during the day she had a bitter experience with this greenish plant.

For lunch she tried to make kale salad and she poured it with lemon juice and some oil and on top of that she added tuna.  

“It was just wrong and unpleasant” –  says Marian. For dinner she ate omelette enriched with green leaves.

Second Day : Rub your kale  

Marian once again drank juice for breakfast but this time she also put avocado and lime in it. This drink contains 200 calories and it was more delicious that the previous one.

She discovered that the best way to make kale salad is to let the leaves stay poured with lemon juice and oil for fifteen minutes before the meal.

This will soften the fiber in kale and lunch will be more pleasant. Another way to accomplish the same effect is by rubbing and crumpling the leaves with your hands. This trick made her salad more delicious and better. For lunch she ate the salad with feta cheese, and for dinner she made cream soup of kale and sweet potato.

Third Day: Get rid of the stem

Now when I know plenty of kale I can say that you cannot eat the stem. Because of that it is best to get rid of it and boil only the leaves for a few minutes in salty water. Afterwards get them out, filtrate them and cooked them with butter  as well as with garlic and a bit salt- advises Marian.

It will stay creaky but it is much more delicious, softer and easier to eat. Together with this she added one egg and a bit of cooked bacon. It was a satisfactory lunch.

For dinner she cooked kale, chili and chicken and spiced it a bit. She says that dinner was fantastic and she could notice that her belly was smaller.

Fourth Day: Kale chips

By now she was an expert for drinks, and she made one with creamy mixture of kale, blueberry, bananas and almond oil.

For lunch she made muffins of kale, tomato, cheese and baked pine nuts. These muffins are soft, salty and delicious. But food made of kale is tough and you need to chew it more.

She had some friends over for dinner so she decided to surprise them with kale chips. All you have to do is to remove the stem, cut the leaves into chips size and pour them with oil. Salt the leaves, you may add spices and put them into baking dish and bake on 180 degrees for about 8 minutes.

Fifth Day: Make a face mask

Once more she had drink for breakfast, kale salad with bacon for lunch and kale pasta for dinner. But what’s interesting is that she found out that kale can be used on your skin- and it is effective. Like many cosmetic firms that are making products based on kale, you can also make a mask by yourself.

You can mix kale, spinach, olive oil and ordinary face cream into a blender. I looked and smelled awful, but my skin was glowing and the spots were gone- explains Marian.  

Sixth Day: If you don’t eat it – Wear it!

Marian was surprised when she discovered that the biggest fans of kale wear kale around their neck fettered with gold. She saw on one website that you can buy

pendant that is actually a piece of kale dipped into gold.  She bought one for 40 pounds.

Seventh Day: Green, Thin and Beautiful !

“I celebrate the end of the week with an ice cream of kale. I just mixed kale, coconut milk, lime juice, maple syrup and ice, and put all of that into blender and then put it in fridge to freeze. It was a bit watery but very delicious”- says Marian who has lost 4 pounds in a week.

She still makes drinks every morning and uses kale instead of lettuce. Besides her weight loss she looks prettier. She currently is having a break of the diet but she will continue with it till she accomplish the weight she desires.


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